Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Home Ownership is Good for You

Studies show that owning a home not only instills a sense of comfort and pride, but it also brings higher academic achievement, more cohesive communities, better connected families, improved health and safety, and a stronger economy.  Home owners:

  • are 15% more likely to vote
  • live 4 times longer in a community
  • are 16% more likely to belong to parent-teacher organizations, book clubs, etc.
  • are 1.3 times more likely to read the newspaper
  • are 10% more likely to attend church
  • have a net worth 45.9 times that of a renter's
For more information, check out the National Association of Realtors' Field Guide to the Benefits of Home Ownership.

When you are ready to buy or sell your next home, please give us a call.  No matter the need, Pickett Property Group can help!

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