Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Market Stats for Shawnee, KS

With all the hype on Wall Street today about the declines in the housing market, I thought I'd take a glance at what is happening in my neighborhood of Shawnee, KS.

The average listing price for homes in the Shawnee area was $265,294 for week ending June 16th.  This is a decrease of 0.5% or $1437 from the week before.

The average sales price for homes in Shawnee from March-May of this year was up 2.3% from the same period last year to $152,394. 

From what I have been experiencing with my clients, homes in the $100,000-200,000 price range are still selling fairly quickly; whereas anything over $275,000 is taking a bit longer.  Now is still a great time to list your house, especially before school starts this Fall.  If you are thinking about listing your home or buying a new one, contact us or give us a call at 913-787-1870.  We'd love to help you!

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