Monday, April 26, 2010

Energy Efficient Tax Tips

Just a few things you need to know about home improvements to help slash energy bills and 2010 taxes:

1.  Simple qualifying improvements include increasing insulation or insulating items such as door and windows, roofing, skylights, etc. These qualify for a 30 percent credit on the cost of the item, not installation, up to a maximum credit cap of $1,500.

2.  Certain big-ticket items have no maximum credit cap. The credit is still 30 percent of the cost of the item. These items include furnace, air conditioning, tankless water heater, heat pump, geothermal system, solar or wind installation.

3.  It’s a tax credit, not a deduction. That means it reduces the actual taxes you owe, not your taxable income. Use IRS Form 5695, and hang onto receipts and product labels.

Don’t forget to check your state and local area for additional incentives.  For more info on the federal tax credit, check out: and

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